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Prosthetic Coverings

Cosmetic Skin

The cosmetic appearance of a silicone prosthesis is modeled on the individual’s unique features. Color, pigmentation and shape of the sound limb can be matched to any desired detail, resulting in a natural and individual appearance. Another advantage is the seamless transition between the prosthesis and the limb, further enhancing the cosmetic restoration.

3D Coverings

The Alleles Design Studio designs and fabricates fashionable accessories for lower limb prostheses. Alleles’ mission is to help amputees express their creativity, individuality, and confidence through providing more cosmetic options for their prosthesis. The range includes over 50 designs with 20 colors to choose from and more than 2,000 color combinations.

Unyq Design Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells prosthetic covers and accessories for amputees. The company offers customized prosthetic covers for men, women, and kids and operates a direct-to-consumer ecommerce site that allows amputees to design 3D printed custom protective covers and other ornamentations for their prosthetics.

Leimkuehler O&P

The Freedom Cover is JAFO’s lightweight prosthetic limb cover that is designed to fit 90% of above-knee amputees. The product is designed to meet the needs of patients who are tired of heavy metallic covers and dislike waiting weeks for their prosthetist to finish making a hard calf replacement that is a permanent fixture. The universal Freedom Cover zips on and off. The perimeter measurement is 15″ at the thickest part of the calf. The latex-free cover is made of 1/8-inch cool flex neoprene, and the removable insert is made of a 6-oz, soft polyurethane foam that can be shaped to match the patient’s sound leg.

Leimkuehler O&P

Swimming Prosthesis

While amputees can get along quite well in the water without the use of a prosthesis, for those who prefer to have their prosthesis with them at all times, there are prosthetic components and coverings that are safe for use in the water.

There are several manufacturers offering knees, ankles, and feet that can be adjusted for activities on sea or shore, but our technicians here can also fabricate a swim leg for you.