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Hip Disarticulation/Hemi-Pelvectomy

Hip disarticulation is the surgical removal of the entire lower limb at the hip level. Hemi-pelvectomy, also known as transpelvic amputation, is the surgical removal of the entire lower limb plus all or a major portion of the ilium. Comfort and fit are paramount for these patients.

The Bikini Socket from Martin Bionics is less than half the size and weight of the traditional style socket. Instead of rigid or semi-flexible materials, the design uses a compliant iliac crest (hip bone) stabilizer for a more comfortable fit and accommodates the patient’s weight fluctuations. In general, the more flexible the socket is, the greater the comfort level, enabling the amputee to utilize the prosthesis fully. As with any prosthetic component, it may not be appropriate for all patients.

Leimkuehler O&P

The Otto Bock Helix 3D Hip Joint System is suitable for both hip disarticulation and hemipelvectomy patients. It offers patients maximum security and function for a wide range of everyday activities by mimicking the pelvis’ natural three-dimensional movement patterns in the stance and swing phase. The unique Helix design also helps users start their steps more smoothly, improves toe clearance, and makes it easier to extend the leg during walking. Users will spend much less energy thinking about their next step, walk more naturally and confidently, and experience less pain in the back and joints.

Leimkuehler O&P