Leimkuehler Orthotic and Prosthetic Center, Inc.

Leimkuehler Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers have been providing orthotic and prosthetic services to Northeast Ohio residents since 1948. With board certified practitioners, you can be assured that you will receive the best service and care.

In order to serve our patient's with the best and most timely care we have three convenient locations Amherst, North Olmsted and Sandusky. We design and fabricate most of our prosthetic and orthotic devices in house to assure optimum fit and confort.

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Old and New

Schooled in the old tradition of leather and wood to the latest high tech innovations. We are able to offer any product or technique available in the world today. With far-reaching connections and a 65-year legacy the name Leimkuehler is known all around the world in the prosthetic and orthotic industry.

We strive everyday to maintain the principles we were founded on.

What Sets Us Apart

Leimkuehler Orthotic and Prosthetic Center is a local practice, run by local practitioners. We guarantee high orthotics and prosthetics standards. In this day of consolidation and mergers, we feel that we stand out as the premier prosthetic-orthotic service in Northeastern Ohio.

  • We believe that we are only as good as what we do every day.
  • We pride ourselves in doing the best job for the patient everyday.
  • We use our skills and experience to service the patient to the best of our abilities.
  • We do our best each and everyday.
  • Bill Leimkuehler has 34 years of prosthetic and orthotic care.

Ski Pioneer

Leimkuehler Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers' practitioners have stayed abreast of the latest techniques in prosthetics and orthotics and are continually acquiring and utilizing the most up-to-date information on methods and materials in the industry.

man with prosthetic leg visiting office

We treat all our patients in a timely manner. Our expert staff is here to help our patients with referral sources and sort out the many questions regarding their medical insurance.

We can fit any high-tech device on the market but that's only part of the job. Most orthotic devices are delivered in one week and prosthetic fittings are scheduled one week apart.

In order to uphold our high orthotics and prosthetics standards, Leimkuehler Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers:

  • accept patients by referral or in consultation with a licensed physician
  • fabricate and fit all prostheses and orthoses in-house on a prescription basis
  • are staffed with VA approved and certified professionals and we are licensed by the State of Ohio
  • offer in-house tours, demonstrations, and lectures
  • attend clinics in consultation with physicians and other health care professionals
  • work closely with physical and occupational therapists to monitor our patients' progress