Lower Extremity Orthotics Services


AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthoses) are designed for patients with gait deviations and foot and ankle deformities relating to muscle weakness, contractures, or skeletal alignment abnormalities. They are used for CVA, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spinal Bifida, other neuromuscular disorders, diabetic Charcot foot, crushing injuries, contractures, burns, M/L ankle instabilities, habitual toe walkers, prevention of deformity and post-operative stabilization.

Dynamic AFO is a functional, active resistance ankle brace that incorporates a spring-loaded, adjustable tension mechanism that applies continuous dynamic stress in either flexion or extension to aid in resolving ankle joint stiffness or diminished range of motion. It helps in maintaining proper musculoskeletal alignment to prevent deformity and maintain soft tissue extensibility and ROM of the foot and ankle resulting from illness, surgery, joint trauma, or congenital-abnormalities.


Ankle Supports are designed to provide medial-lateral ankle support in stance phase. They come in different styles and materials, from off-the-shelf pneumatic air cast splints to lace-up canvas ankle supports. They are used to correct ankle instability, avulsion fractures, sprains, inversion-eversion control, ligamentous injuries, minor fractures of the foot and ankle, and protection of the ankle and foot during rehabilitation.

Ground Reaction AFO is a custom-molded thermoplastic orthosis containing a rigid anterior tibial section, ankle, and footplate designed to provide posteriorly directed forces just below the knee to promote knee extension in stance phase. It is used for patients with neuromuscular disorders resulting in weak quadriceps that exhibit a “crouched” type gait during stance phase.