Prosthetic Hips


Comfort and fit are paramount for the hip disarticulation patient. The Bikini socket from Martin Bionics is less than half the size and weight of the traditional style socket. Instead of rigid or semi-flexible materials, the design uses a compliant iliac crest (hip bone) stabilizer for a more comfortable fit and accommodates the patient’s weight fluctuations. In general, the more flexible the socket is, the greater the comfort level, enabling the amputee to utilize the prosthesis fully. As with any prosthetic component, it may not be appropriate for all patients.

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The Socket-less Socket conforms to the user, providing a custom-fit, even for challenging cases.

Different than conventional prosthetics which are static in shape and require frequent adjustments to match the changing shape of the residual limb, socket-less technology from Martin Bionics enables the patient to micro-adjust for a comfortable fit every time its donned. Patent-pending “swing” technology perfectly conforms to the user, just like a hammock, providing a soft floating cushioned seat on ever step. Its floating Femoral Lock Pad dynamically captures the limb to provide a socket that feels like more of a natural body part instead of a device.

NASA-inspired lightweight design and materials are only a fraction of what conventional sockets weight, with a typical weight reduction of over two pounds. Plus, the mesh fabric creates a form-fitting inner socket that’s flexible enough to fold up in the palm of your hand.

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