“Bill is very professional and always willing to work with the VA to meet my needs and keep me updated with the latest technology. I feel that I have more control over my hydraulic knee. I’m in the woods a lot and I can step over logs and I don’t worry about it. I wear shorts all the time and I get a lot of comments from people who tell me how well I walk.”

– Paul M.

“I love the service at Leimkuehler’s. I’m happy with the socket and the X3 knee. It feels more like having a real leg. It allows me to be out in the rain and I don’t have to worry about it. I can ride my motorcycle and if I’m out kayaking I don’t have to stop to change my leg. It allows me to not have to worry about a lot of things. It is easier being able to walk to the dock with a leg that is fully electronic and computerized and then to jump into the water.”

– Heath K.

The staff at Leimkuehler's has been awesome! We have been coming to Leimkuehler's for 17 years for pediatric orthotics. We have always received excellent service from Leimkuehler's. They have made custom-made orthotics for our son, Tim, since he was 2 years old.

I have always relied on the recommendations from John Fabian at Leimkuehler's. Leimkuehler's has consulted with the orthopedic physician to discuss new ideas to help our son. Leimkuehler's has seen the progress in our child with each orthotic device and has been able to decide how to build each new orthotic device based on his history of wearing prior devices.

It is almost like John has a "crystal ball" when trying to decide how to make a new brace. He remembers how previous braces worked and always makes the new ones to perform even better after Tim has grown and changed.

Leimkuehler's is a great company to work with. They make it as enjoyable as possible for children's treatment and offer a wealth of knowledge to the parents and families.

I have recommended Leimkuehler's to several friends and will always continue recommending them. One particular friend had been going to another orthotic company for several years and her child always had problems with the fit of her brace. She came to Leimkuehler's and was absolutely amazed that her daughter had a brace she could comfortably wear - the first time in over 5 years!! That is the excellent service that Leimkuehler's provides.

Absolutely an amazing company!!

Virdie C.