Transfemoral Prostheses

Transfemoral prosthesis is designed for use by patients with an amputation above the knee. Due to the complex design of the knee joint.

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(Courtesy of Otto Bock HealthCare)

The C-LEG is the world's first hydraulic stance and swing phase control knee-shin system that is completely micro-processor controlled. The unique relationship between the microprocessor and the hydraulic controls enables the C-LEG to offer amputees the closest possible approximation to a natural gait.

The microprocessor control of the knee joint is based on scientific gait analysis and biomechanical studies. The electronic system monitors how the amputee is walking and creates a smooth, harmonious movement of the prosthetic limb, similar to that of the sound leg. It immediately adapts to different walking speeds and provides knee stability the moment it is needed. Electronic sensors in the C-LEG collect real-time data, which is then sent to the hydraulic damper to control both stance and swing phase.