Conventional and Body-Powered Prosthesis

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Conventional or body-powered arm prosthesis is so-described because it is operated with body power alone, and is not externally powered. Conventional or body-powered prostheses are the most durable prostheses. They are also moderate in cost and weight. However, body-powered prosthesis is less cosmetically pleasing than myoelectrically-controlled type and also requires more gross limb movement.

Transradial (below-elbow or BE) prosthesis includes a split hook, friction wrist, double-walled plastic-laminate socket, flexible elbow hinge, single-control-cable system, triceps cuff, and a harness.

Transhumeral (above-elbow or AE) prosthesis includes an internal-locking elbow with a turntable for missing elbow, uses a dual-control-cable system, and does not require a triceps cuff.