Prosthetic Arms

bebionic Hand

bebionic is the prosthetic hand design that utilizes leading-edge technology and unique, ergonomic features. The technology and features of this prosthetic hand make it unlike any other hand currently available. These innovations combine to give this prosthetic hand unrivaled versatility, functionality, and performance.


  • Individual motors in each finger allow you to move the prosthetic fingers and grip in a natural, coordinated way. The motors in the bebionic hand are positioned to optimize weight distribution, making the hand feel lighter and more comfortable.
  • Powerful microprocessors continuously monitor the position of each finger, giving you precise, reliable control over the prosthetic hand movements.
  • 14 Selectable grip patterns and hand positions enable you to perform a vast number of everyday activities with ease.
  • Proportional Speed Control gives you precision control over delicate tasks, so you can pick up an egg or hold a polystyrene cup as easily as crushing an empty can.
  • Four Wrist Options including Quick Disconnect, Multi-Flex, Flexion, and Short Wrist.
  • BeBalance software and wireless technology located within the bebionic hand makes it easy to customize the functions to suit your preferences and lifestyle.
  • Selectable thumb positions and a built-in sensor enable you to complete more tasks than ever before.
  • Auto grip means no more accidents, as bebionic automatically senses when a gripped item is slipping and adjusts the grip to secure it.
  • Foldaway fingers provide natural-looking movement and flex when you brush past people or bump into objects.
  • Durable construction and advanced materials make bebionic strong enough to handle up to 45kg so you can confidently use the prosthetic hand to carry heavy objects and push yourself up from a seated position.
  • Innovative palm design protects bebionic from impact damage and makes the prosthetic hand quieter than ever.
  • Soft finger pads and a wide thumb profile maximizes the surface area and enhances grip.


With the i-limb, your prosthesis looks and moves like a natural hand. Motorized digits allow the hand to bend at the joints of each digit and individual stall out technology gives the hand a compliant grip so the hand accurately conforms around the shape of the object being grasped.

Utilizing its pulsing and vari-grip features, the i-limb allows the user to increase the strength of their grip around an object. This can be very useful in situations where a firmer grasp is required, such as tying shoelaces tightly or opening a tightly closed jar of food.

Features include:

  • Vari-grip mode allows variable digit-by-digit grip strength.
  • Mobile app control provides instant access to 14 programmable grip patterns, allowing flexibility and ability to customize the hand for a variety of daily activities.
  • Auto-grasp feature to prevent objects from slipping.
  • Hand automatically moves to a natural position after period of inactivity.
  • Low battery warning audio signal.
  • Initial shipment includes i-limb skin active coverings and i-limb skin natural coverings.
  • Power management, extending daily battery usage by 25%.


The Michelangelo Hand offers unprecedented speed, strength and a natural, anthropomorphic look. Its shape and appearance are modeled after the bones, joints, muscles, and tendons of the human hand. Michelangelo is engineered with the power of two separate drives – one to allow for the automatic positioning of the thumb and a second to control the fingers and grip force. The thumb also opens out to create a natural palm shape for holding a plate or bowl. The result is fluid, intutitive movement through seven different hand postions. Advanced software and EMG signal processing increases the responsiveness and predictability of the Michelangelo Hand, which was recently modified to include two impressive features:

  • AxonRotation at the wrist, working with the hand’s built in flexible-positional wrist joint to optimize motion and positioning.
  • AxonHook, a low-profile electric hook that offers precision grasp and durability for a range of daily tasks, work, and outdoor use.