Fracture Bracing Orthotics

Fracture bracing is used to immobilize a joint above and below a fracture mostly for long bone fractures, with the exception of the femur.


The Ulnar fracture orthosis is designed to secure and maintain the reduction of isolated ulnar fractures while allowing adjacent joint movement. The orthosis is fabricated with perforated thermoplastic and lined with closed-cell foam for comfort. It is adjusted with velcro straps.

It is used for mid-shaft and distal ulnar fractures. It allows full range of wrist and elbow motion. It encourages bone growth.

Humeral FX Orthoses are designed to provide total contact with circumferential soft tissue compression for optimal control of humeral segments while allowing range-of-motion of both shoulder and elbow joints. It is designed with perforated closed cell foam for comfort. Humeral socks and arm sling are provided to improve comfort and hygiene.

It is used for distal and mid-shaft diaphyseal humeral fractures. It allows for complet shoulder range of motion.