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Our Patients

“I had such a great and positive experience at Leimkuehler. I was using a different prosthetic company at the time and was not very pleased with my walking and the results I was getting. I met another amputee who told me about Leimkuehler and referred me.

I worked with Bill and he was so kind, hardworking and knowledgeable about prosthetics. From the first appointment until I walked out with my perfect fitting prosthesis the entire process was smooth, easy and I could not be happier with my fit. I am now able to walk my dogs, take care of my grandchildren and no longer have any more issues with my prosthesis. He and the entire staff and Leimkuehlers always treats me like family. Bill gives 110% and does not stop until everything is right. I would recommend them to anyone! ”


— Jim

“I have been coming to Leimkuehler for most of my life, I had my leg amputated at one and moved to Ohio when I was 3. They have been providing me with legs ever since. They have always treated me as though I was family.

When I was very young, I would be breaking my leg left and right. They would always welcome me with a smile, and a “What did you break this time?” They have made me a lot of legs to keep up with growth and my sports needs. I’m sure that I have presented them with a lot of challenges in the time that I have been coming here but they have always risen to the occasion to go above and beyond to cater to what I need. I would highly recommend Leimkuehler because they don’t treat you like just a patient, but as a friend or family member.”


— Jude

“My grandfather has been a patient with Leimkuehler O&P for as long as I can remember. The staff at Leimkuehler O&P are wonderful and ensures that my grandfather receives the best care at every single appointment.

They know my family members on a first name basis when we take my grandfather to the office and they take the time to modify his prosthetic to best fit his needs.”


— Richard

I felt like I was the only person there that mattered. Time was not an issue and no question was left unanswered.

Their only concern was how they would get me back on my feet, and as an amputee, I wanted to get back on my feet and walk again! I feel like I was educated and I am on my way. ”


— Tony

“If I have any question, I know I can call Paul E. Leimkuehler. He was very knowledgeable, kind and super friendly. I would recommend anyone to Leimkuehler O&P.”

“The world does not have enough receptionist and prosthetist like this family. They took the time and to explain everything to me.”


“John Fabian was great. John listened to my concerns and issues. The AFO he custom made for me fits like a glove, not one problem and walking so much better.”


“I highly recommend the team at Leimkuehler O&P. The practitioners at this office genuinely care for each individual patient, and the front staff always goes above and beyond!”